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"Kan you sing?"

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Thought of the day about new artists

What I’d like for more people to realize is that when you submit your music for opportunities, the people who are screening your music are people who care, just like you and I. In most cases they’re musicians too. They probably understand and empathize with your frustrations more than you realize and they don’t enjoy having to deny anyone opportunities.

Even if you don’t understand why you’re not having the success that you believe you deserve I urge you to withhold judgement and to just stay at it and get as much honest, constructive feedback as you can. When your results in the outside world match your hopes and expectations then you’ve reached the point where you truly know what it takes and can judge your own work. Until then, you don’t and you can’t. If you’re not there yet then take 100% responsibility for getting yourself there, even if you don’t know how you will. If you have faith then you’ll have the strength to stay at it long enough to figure it out. In the meantime, be cool and treat people with kindness and respect.

Oliver Chibwe

Owner/Founder of Krysto Drym Recording Studio


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CD Baby sales and distributes music  for independent labels via Apple iTunes, Rhapsody , eMusic , Amazon , Napster , Verizon V-CAST , Liquid Digital Media , PayPlay , AudioLunchbox , GroupieTunes and Ruckus . KrystoDrym Music is a member of CD Baby Inc, the Digital Distribution you can trust.

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LiveNation.com is growing to become the world's largest concert search engine. We're dedicated to helping live music fans more easily and quickly find concert tickets and information about their favorite artists and venues. We're constantly rolling out new features to improve our concert search experience. Many of these are in response to suggestions from fans like you, so if you have a question or comment please let us know.

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FL Studio - Virtual Music Studio

FL Studio lets you create your own songs and audio loops.

It comes with hundreds of sound effects, tweaking instruments and automated tools. It offers a piano roll, MIDI support, multi-out VST and VSTi support, multi-out DX and DXi support and multi-out Rewire support.


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