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KrystoDrym Recording Studio

"Kan you sing?"

We work hand in hand with ForJam Music Production 

There are four distinct steps to our commercial production of a recording. Recording, editing, mixing, and mastering

  • Studio engineer could be either a sound engineer working in a studio together with a producer, or a producing sound engineer working in a studio.
  • Recording engineer is a person who records sound.
  • Mixing engineer is a person who creates mixes of multi-track recordings. It is not uncommon for a commercial record to be recorded at one studio and later mixed by different engineers in other studios.
  • Mastering engineer Typically the person who mixes the final stereo tracks(or sometimes just a few tracks or stems) that the mix engineer produces . The mastering engineer makes any final adjustments to the overall sound of the record in the final step before commercial duplication. Mastering engineers use principles of equalization and compression to affect the coloration of the sound.


Get your song mixed with KrystoDrym Recording Studio lead mix engineers, Ollie & Phil. Along with being the founder of KrystoDrym Recording Studio, Ollie & Phil have over 15 years of experience in the recording industry.  We have a way with complimenting each individual artist with a unique mix to match their style.

Audio Editing

Whether you need your tracks cleaned up, your drums edited or programmed, we can help you!   Call for details

Vocal tuning

Your vocals are the most important element to a hit song.  We have the skills and knowledge to make them sound perfectly in tune while keeping the natural qualities in your vocals.


Let our Mastering engineers put the finishing touches on your album.  We will make sure your song is ready to be sent to labels and radio stations. 

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