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Most popular Radio Automation software:

WinampSam BroadcasterSimpleCastNiceCastBroadWaveVirtualDJZaraStudio

Choose the Plan you need to start your Internet Radio and Become a DJ.

We host Shoutcast and Icecast internet radio servers. All radio hosting is setup instantly and comes with a full control panel and lots of extra features for your internet radio station.

At Lubwe Mix Radio, (LM Radio) we mix up music from around the world non-stop 24/7 since 2005. We love what we do and excellence is never enough. Tune in any time with your smartphones.


We use fast, reliable and secure servers for hosting your radio. We monitor network latency and server loads 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and uptime. Our techies are always on call to respond to any critical issues.

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Lubwe Mix Radio non-stop internet radio station playing music from around the globe 24/7

How Internet Radio Works

You can quite easily broadcast live audio on the internet and it can consist of recorded items (Eg. Your MP3/CD collection) plus live content (Eg. Your voice via a microphone). There are 3 basic stages of internet broadcasting, as follows:

I: The Source (You)
Your computer mixes together the audio sources coming from your soundcard (which can be Mp3′s being played, live voice or other inputs from CD players etc). It then makes them into a ‘stream’ of data which is sent ‘on the fly’ to…

II: The Server (Us)
Your Shoutcast server with ShoutCheap.com will receive the audio stream coming from your PC and then redistribute it to …

III: The Listener (Everyone Else)
Anyone in the world with an internet connection can then connect to your server. They will be able to hear everything which is going on at your end – so anything you output to the stream server, they can hear!

Play what you like to the world!

How can I listen on a mobile device?


iOS has poor native support listening to SHOUTcast stations. While you can listen in iOS's Safari browser, there is no OS integration. Using one of these apps will mean you can listen in the background and control playback with iOS's media controls.



We recommend using TuneWiki.

Alternatively, most BlackBerries should be able to directly open and stream the .pls playlist file.


Alternatively, the same Javascript player as iOS uses should work in PalmOS's web browser.

Windows Mobile 5 or 6

Windows Phone 7, 7.5 and/or 8

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